Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February Social Media Mentions

Get social! Mention the Rose Theatre Brampton on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus or Instagram for a chance to be featured in our monthly Odeum Magazine in the "Let's Talk" section or you can be featured in our monthly social media mentions blog post. A few of February's social media mentions are featured below. 

Aleksandra Serra: Going to see this with my family, can't wait!!! (Popovich Comedy Pet Theater)

@AlanThomasDoyle: Snowy night does not slow the Brampton gang. Thanks for the grand night. 

@AdoptionMamma: @RoseTheatreBram TY for bringing @AlanThomasDoyle to #Brampton. 1st class #Canadian act. A great time was had by all! 

@SaraLynnHeald: Pretty stoked to see @RobSchneider and @realjonlovitz with @Dheald16Heald @RoseTheatreBram tonight!!! Wooo! 

@ScorpioQueendom: Thank you for a great night full of laughter and joy. @RobSchneider @RealJonLovitz @RoseTheatreBram #ClassicComedy 

@CollinsGary01: So excited to hear that the @TenorsMusic are going to perform at the @RoseTheatreBram on March 4 & 5. I must get tickets to see this show!! 

@Wong_tjwkixs:  @RoseTheatreBram @GrlsNiteMusical great performance tonight :). It was a great choice for our #GirlsNightOut 

@HeySunshine_amc:  @TenorsMusic @RoseTheatreBram Just got my FRONT Row tickets for The Tenors! Going to surprise my daughters #A&A! 4bday. Make sure u get urs 2! 

@JamesStratton36: Another amazing show from @CALrocks @ the @RoseTheatreBram, this time covering CreedenceClarwaterRevival's #ChronicleVol1 album! Goodtimes! 

@CSPS_VisualArts: Class 7-3 Hip Hop dancing with instructors from The Rose Theatre! @RoseTheatreBram @CentennialSrPS