Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Read through of Doubt

No matter how old we are, autumn will always feel like a time for new beginnings. I think because of the years we spend in school and then getting our kids ready for school, autumn represents a time to get organized, to find new friendships and a chance to start something amazing.

Sitting quietly on the fringes of the first read through of Doubt, A Parable I cannot help but take in the first day of school atmosphere that permeates the rehearsal space.  Friends old and new catch up on the summer’s adventures, hug warmly and shake hands.  

There is a feeling of giddy excitement and trepidation as the actors compare notes seeing who did their homework (highlighting their own lines in the script), and who had their lines memorized already. The teacher’s pet with the immaculate script and lines by heart is soon singled out for some friendly teasing and the class clown has taken center “stage” with jokes that has the whole cast groaning. 

No first day of school would be complete without a costume parade. In elementary school the girls are showing off their brand new jeans and crisp white sneakers.  On our first day of Doubt bonnets and sensible loafers are on display, but the girlish grins and feminine flaunts that always come with dress up are there just the same.

Once every one has had a little juice (coffee in this case) and cookies (homemade!) the teacher (director Rob Woodcock) calls the whole class (cast) to order.  The giggles die down and the reading begins, Fall magic is about to be made.

Stay tuned to the blog as we delve into all the action behind the scenes of Doubt, running at the Rose Theatre Brampton October 16-20, 2013.  Click here for more info and tickets.

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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying working on this show. I hope people come out and see all the hard work these fine actors have been doing.